Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a Jennet!

Finally at 11:28pm on Sunday night, Linzi laid down and delivered the cutest fur-baby!

Visit the nursery!

Thanks to everyone that has sent us well wishes over the last few days.

Foaling is done for a couple of months, the next baby due is Turnpike Creek Katie at the end of July. In a few days we will move the barncam outside on the baby paddock so you can watch them play.


Friday, April 24, 2009

LOW ALERT for Linzi!

Just wanted to let the followers now that we have a LOW ALERT on Linzi. She is showing us signs of early labor - including small contractions.


Keep up-to-date on the message board.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Linzi is on foal watch!

Miz Linzi is showing us signs of impending birth. One of the things that we watch on our donkeys is milk change. At 2:30pm today, Linzi's milk has started to take on a cloudy-ish tone. "Usually" that translates to 'between now and Friday"..... but with any birth, one never knows.

We have strawed her stall and we will be watching her from now until she foals. We would love it if you would join us in our barn, via our barn cam!

Also, to get the most up to date information on Linzi, check out her message board.

Thanks for staring!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Farm animal believed to have killed alligator

The following article was forwarded to me from a TDA member...

By Dennis ShererStaff Writer
Published: Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 3:30 a.m. Last Modified: Friday, April 10, 2009 at 10:49 p.m.

ROGERSVILLE - Jay Cornelius knew his family's donkeys and mules are fearless when it comes to protecting the horses they share a pasture with, but he never dreamed they would take on an alligator.
AC = -->More Photos:
Alligator in Rogersville

Cornelius found a dead 6-foot alligator beneath the fence of a horse pasture Thursday afternoon. He suspects one or more of the three mules or three donkeys that live in the pasture killed the reptile.

A man spreading fertilizer on a nearby field found the alligator and called Cornelius. By Friday morning, the dead gator was the talk of community. Numerous friends and relatives visited the Cornelius family's farm to photograph the beast.

"Based on the way it was halfway under the fence with its head inside the pasture, I would say one of the mules or donkeys killed it," Cornelius said. "I've seen them chase coyotes out of the pasture, but never even thought about what they would do if an alligator came into the pasture."
Chris Thornton, whose family owns the adjoining property, suspects the alligator came from the Tennessee River, which is less than a mile away. Thornton said the gator might have been living in a pond on his family's property and was attempting to make its way back to the river when it encountered the mules and donkeys.

The pond is about 150 yards from where the alligator was found.

The fence the alligator was found under separates the Cornelius and Thornton properties.

"Evidently, that alligator didn't know how mean a mule or donkey can be when they are protecting their herd," Thornton said.

Jeane Grace, CEO of the Missouri-based International Mule and Donkey Association, said she has never heard of donkeys or mules attacking an alligator, but was not surprised to hear one had.

"Donkeys are very protective. Some people use them to protect sheep from coyotes," Grace said. "It was the donkeys that killed that alligator. They are meaner than the mules when it comes to protecting other animals.

"The old donkeys evidently got mad when the alligator tried to come into their pasture."
Thornton's father, D.C. Thornton, said when he and his son went to eat breakfast at a Rogersville restaurant Friday, people bombarded them with questions about the alligator. "Everybody was talking about it. It's highly unusual to have an alligator around here."

While rare, alligators live in the Shoals, said Vinny Groso, director of Florence Animal Control.
"We get reports from time to time about alligators being seen on the Tennessee River. I've seen them out there myself. There was one seen last year in the Elk River, not too far from where this one was found.

"There are several living over at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, but there are probably fewer than 200 in all of north Alabama." Grosso said there is no reason to fear the alligators. "They are very reclusive animals. Typically, unless someone is harassing them or the alligator is protecting its nest, they are not going to attack a human. Instead, they are going to do everything they can to try and get away when they see a human."

Chris Thornton doesn't plan on taking any chances the next time he and his 6-year-old daughter go fishing in the pond where he suspects the alligator had been living. "I'm going to check the pond out real close to look for alligators before we start fishing. The dead one could have a mate that's still here. I never thought I would have to worry about running into an alligator when we go fishing."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Linzi is due April 21st

Sweet Linzi is now on the barncam and closed in the birthing stall at night.

This jennet is the most affectionate donkey! She loves to hug - no joke! If she can catch you the least bit bent over, she will put her head on you (full weight) and lift one of her front legs to embrace you. It is the sweetest thing!

Linzi is the dam of ASSK ME NO QUESTIONS - our junior herdsire. She passes her wonderful disposition on to her offspring.

Can't wait to see this new little one - a buddy for Twist!

Sooo, anytime you have a few minutes - or can't sleep at night - take a peek at Linzi and don't hesitate to call if you see anything suspicious. Click here to go to the BARNCAM.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

Click the image above to see a larger picture!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WEBSITE OF THE MONTH: Hatcher Family Dairy!

Hatcher Family Dairy got its start in 1831 and has had 5 generations of Hatchers running it. Bill and I have known the Hatchers for a lot of years thru their other vocation..... their veterinary practice.

A few years back, the family decided to open their farm to tours which have just been great fun. Located just 8 minutes from our farm and 15 minutes from Franklin, TN, if you are in the area, you must schedule a visit!

Check out their website - don't miss
the "Cow of the Month"!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mini Mania was a blast....

.... but we are glad it is over! LOL! If you aren't from around here, you don't know how big MULE DAY is every year in Columbia, TN. The weather cooperated (a special treat in itself!) this weekend and crowds came out in droves. I heard on the news this morning that there had been 250,000 people thru the gates already - not counting Sunday. WOW!

We had a huge exibiter turnout for Mini Mania as well. Lots of new faces and a few that haven't been seen in a while!

We took Engmans Rocky Rococco and PPHfarm's Paint Me Flashy. Rocky enjoyed all his driving classes and even got a YELLOW ribbon in Pole Bending - a speed event!

Diva (Paint Me Flashy) was a little overwhelmed by the long day and all the new things. She finally had a meltdown and after that she was great. She exhibited in two classes (for experience) we were so proud of her.

We never laughed so hard watching the popular PANTY RACE. In this class, exhibitors run with their donkey to the line, grab a pair of (huge granny) panty's and proceed to put them on the donkey... then, you run like heck back to the finish line! There were 15 participants this year - and fellow TDA member, Heidi Trusler and her donkey Rhett, took home the BLUE with ease. What a riot!

We are so proud of our donkeys - and their ambassadorship - and all the fun we had at the show.

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Baby born 4.02.09 during the storms!

Check out our website to see the new baby jack at Poole's Paradise Hill Farm! He's a cutie!