Monday, June 22, 2009

Permanent ID for Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

We have been receiving quite a few phone calls and emails about different ways to prepare for the new identification requirement for registering miniature donkeys with ADMS. Below is the information taken straight from the ADMS website. At the end of the info. I will describe what Poole's Paradise Hill Farm is doing.

from ADMS... Please note the wording for the MDR registration requirements as of JAN 2010 reads:Donkeys will be required to have some form of PERMANENT ID (Microchip, tattoo, freeze brand, DNA on file) by this date. Microchips are strongly suggested. Freeze brands, such as angle brand used by the BLM, are a more visible alternative. ADMS wishes to remind breeders and owners that when the MDR was founded by Mrs. Langfeld in the 1950s, a Lip Tattoo or Brand was REQUIRED for registration of animals. This ruling was later phased out as people did not wish to Hot-brand their animals, and it was found that lip tattoos faded and became illegible over time.

The Registry realizes that not every person, breeders, vet, nor sale barn has a microchip reader. This is one reason that microchips are not being specified as the only form of acceptable ID. However, the cost of readers has decreased substantially over the past ten years. ADMS will not recommend any one brand of chips, as there are already multiple types in use.

What is required is that the brand, location, and individual ID number be stated on the registration papers. Normal locations are: Left nuchal ligament. Back base left ear. Front base left ear. Back base right ear. Right luchal ligament. The first three listed are the preferred areas, as they are the most commonly used. Multi-chip readers can be found on the internet, and your vet may also be able to receive one at a discounted price.

PPHfarm has chosen to use micro-chipping as its form of permanent ID on its donkeys. Though the requirement does not go in to effect until 2010, we are already chipping our herd. We have chosen to use the AVID pre-loaded micro-chip system and have found it to be working very well.

After speaking to our personal veterinarian and others outside the area. We are also placing our microchip in the left nuchal ligament. There has been much discussion about this in our local club, with members concerned that during breeding that the herdsire may bite the jennet in the area of the chip and cause issues. When I discussed this with these vets, all of them stated the same thing:

1) That once the chip is placed in the nuchal ligament, it will form a scar tissue. And that the ligament is so dense that it is virtually impossible to cause an issue.

2) When the chip is placed in this area, it will not move due to the density of the ligament.

3) One other note is that virtually all horse registries require the chip in the left nuchal ligamant. So, by chance a donkey is lost/ goes on a walkabout or is stolen, most vets are going to scan the left nuchal ligament and may not find the chip if it has been placed in a different area.

We don't want to state our way is the only way and the correct way. Please educate yourself as we did and do what you feel is right for your program.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nothing much to report, just checking in

Bill and I somehow or another figured out how to take almost a week off and leave the farm for the beautiful weather of Green Bay, WI this past week. It was just what we needed... and we celebrated a 50th birthday of Bill's buddy from the navy! What fun!

However, here we are back and temperatures are soaring! It is 92 degrees as I write this! I think we need a big fan from WI to blow their temps down this way. But all the creatures except the humans are tolerating it well.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Donkey Day Expo 2009 - Good turn-out!

Donkey Day Expo was held 6.06.09 at the Maury County Park in Columbia Tennessee. What a beautiful day to hold a function!

The crowds were a little down from what we expected, but all in all, GREAT DAY!

There were very informative clinics to with information on "WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A MINIATURE DONKEY?" to MICROCHIPPING and Teaching Your Donkey to drive a Cart!

We also had about 30 craft and flea market vendors to help you spend your money!

Bill and I decided that we should have become a dealer for the Carri-lite Corrals (see the picture.) We purchased ours last year and several of the farms showed up with them this year! :-)

Below are some snaps of the day! Thanks again for everyones hard work!