Friday, July 31, 2009

Shea Baha Burro (aka Burgerdoodle) on foal watch!

Burgerdoodle had cloudy to 2% milk at 11:30am today. She is a maiden jennet so she may not go by the rules..... but she is should be about 24-30 hours out from foaling. We are excited to see if this will be a spotted baby like her!

Burgerdoodle and her foal are for sale, so if you want a ready-made pet package, this is a good one! You can even name the foal!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Equine "Passports" Now Available in Tennessee

To help ease the current health certificate restrictions on moving equine out of state for fairs, exhibitions and trail rides, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture recently approved our state's participation in a voluntary regional "passport" program. To read more about the program, go to:


Monday, July 27, 2009

Bedford County Fair - Miniature Donkey Show 7.25.09

Had a blast at the show this past Saturday. It was sunny and very warm.... but had a great breeze so it was easily tolerable!

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Burgerdoodle" in front stall

Comical "Burgerdoodle (PPHFarm's Shea Baha Burro) is now in the front stall under the barn cam. She is due this next week and all signs point to her foaling on time. But, only time will tell won't it?
In case you don't look at our website, Burgerdoodle and her foal are for sale! If you would like to raise a baby - this is a great deal! As soon as the foal is 2 weeks old, Burger and baby can travel "home" and can be enjoyed by the family. If interested, give us a call at 615.807.3848!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009


If you have been watching our barncam then you already know this service. was created to provide people with a window into the magical and exciting world of equine birth. has been a God-send to so many farms all over the world! As farm owners, we can hook our barn cams up and feed them thru to the internet be viewed by anyone. Many people have become such great barnsitters by keeping cams in the corner of their computer screen and peeking in from time to time. This allows the owner to rest a little easier knowing that others are watching the beloved animal.
I personally have experienced the wonderful help of Marestare - either by allowing me to get a little much needed rest (many people in Europe watch during their daytime) and last summer I had a foal saved by someone watching!
Though the name is MARESTARE, this service is used by farms and breeders of all sorts of animals - donkeys; dogs; goats and sheep to name a few! Check them out, maybe you can help watch for someone..... or use the service yourself!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Barn cam is back - it's foaling marathon time!

Well it is time for our farm's "marathon"! Over the next 3-1/2 weeks we have three jennets due.

First up is Katie, our beautiful light sorrel. She is bred to a gorgeous red jack and is due 7.25.09. She has a pretty good bag going and looks like she will be pretty timely. Katie will be closed up in the front "birthing" stall at night, and will usually have free access to the paddock area during the day, until she bears a closer watch.

We have some finish work to do on the new "back" stall. It doesn't have a light or the doors on it yet, but by the weekend, Shea Baha Burro (aka BurgerDoodle)will also be shut in at night as she is due 7.30 and is a maiden. She is a spot and has more white on her than the other spot you will see. . She is a maiden jennet and is bred to our solid black herdsire PMF King Coal.

For reference, the other jennets you will see "sashaying" thru the back stall are: Ketch Me if You Kan (aka Mia) a beautiful grey jennet bred to our black herdsire. She is due 8.10. And the mostly gray spot is Loretta. She was aquired from a farm that pasture bred. We believe she is due around late September or early October. Time will tell with her.
Thank you so much for visiting our barn! We really do appreciate any help you give! Never, ever hesitate to call us if you question something that doesn't look "right" to you. We will never be upset for a false alarm. (Marestarers saved a foal for me last year!!!!)
I will be keeping the barncam messageboard updated, to view (and post) on it, go to:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We are recovering!

Bill and I have not done anything except one-day shows since owning our miniature donkeys. So, "the Celebration" was quite an experience! This is a three day event and classes were held for donkeys of all sized and for mules.

Rocky and Bill put in a great showing in driving classes. Bill was most thrilled with his 5th place winning in Reinsmanship. This is a class where the driver (Bill) is the one judged - not the donkey. Bill has never exhibited in reinsmanship prior to this.... and he decides to give it a try at the National level. (Never say Bill is a wilted flower! HAHA) He beat a couple of pro's in this class and has been on cloud nine ever since! Way to go Bill!

This is a picture of Diana & Diva (PPHfarm's Paint Me Flashy) in her first ACOSA (American Council of Spotted Asses) 3-year old and under halter class. Judge placed her 7th out of 11. Not what we had hoped for, but there were only 2 weanling's in the class - so, we chalk it up to experience and fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why our cams are down

I have gotten several emails in the last week asking about our barn cam. We are in the midst of a major project of renovating our maternity ward.

Up to now, our jennets foaling dates were spaced out enough that we never needed to watch more than one at a time. However, this year, we have 3 jennets due to foal in the same week!

So, we are making changes to "the ward" to be able to better watch them on the cam. It has taken us longer than anticipated as the weather has been extremely hot and this week we are readying a few of our donkeys for the Celebration show at the end of next week.

The cam will be back up and working on the internet as soon as possible. I will notify everyone when it is and will really appreciate any help in watching that you are able to do!

For Sale Page is Updated

If you have been waiting and wanting for a miniature donkey - now is a great time to buy! Poole's Paradise Hill Farm has several sweet donkeys for sale and we are about to be swamped with more babies this next month. We are out of room!
This is your good fortune as we have lowered our asking price for several donkeys to get them in happy homes quickly! Give us a call at 615.807.3848 to schedule a visit soon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Great Celebration Mule & Donkey Show - July 7-9

Thursday July 7th through Saturday July 9th is the NMDA (National Miniature Donkey ASSociation) and the ACOSA (American Council of Spotted Asses) NATIONAL CELEBRATION Show in Shelbyville, TN.

We will be showing a few of our donkeys each day and will have some of our babies on display. Come see us, we are in Barn 9!

Here is a link to all the class information and directions to the venue: