Thursday, October 22, 2009


What a day! The weather was gorgeous, the hayrides were fun and the donkeys all behaved! Add a ton of friends (and new friends) to share the day with - and wow!

Thanks to everyone that has sent pictures to us - keep them coming. I will update the slideshow as I get them. Special thanks to our friend Lynn for spending the day away from her family to capture images of our day. Great friend!

In addition to enjoying s'mores; hayrides ( hosted by neighbors Pete & Jack); visiting with others and playing with donkeys, we asked a few of our friends to "show off"....

Heidi & Rod Trusler of Rolling Hills Farm told folks about their farm - specializing in pasture based products, including all natural grass-fed beef. Heidi has also published an adorable donkey-themed childrens book and had them ready for purchase.

Lucy Hatcher of Hatcher Family Dairy (Hatchers even does the processing) gave out samples of their yummy milk (even one of our cats got some!) and told about their farm tours.

And, Bonnie of Bonnies Barnyard walked around handing out Moon-pies and answering questions about her business (the best feed-store!)

To top off the day, the donkeys dressed-up (with lots of helpers) and held a parade to show off their cotour. It was truly a "catwalk", donkeywalk - like no other.

And finally, lest we forget... The Braying Contest! Though we did not have many takers - every single one did a superlative impression of a HEE-HAW! Great going!

....and we are blessed!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wasting Hay?

Are you tired of wasting hay? We were! Last year Bill & I went on a "quest" to find a better way. We watched our donkeys pull hay out of the mangers on to the ground, tromp on on it, poop on it.... you get the picture. Seemed to waste more than ever went in their mouths.
Came across a website that is a spin-off from a "natural horse" site, discussing SLOW FEEDERS. Peeked our interest! Wanting to try something without having to do much experimenting, we ordered small mesh hay bags. OH MY GOSH! These things are the bomb! The openings in the mesh are 1"x1" (versus 4" of a regular hay bag).
We have been using the bags for almost a year now, and the donkeys prefer the bags over any other - even loose on the ground!
The process of filling the bags is a little time consuming. We have been reading up on ways to add the bags to the bottom of barrels, etc to make "feeders" out of them. If we try anything successfully, will post it here later.
You can purchase the bags on the Internet. We get ours at Smith Brothers and they have held up very well.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Need more donkeys? There is always room for more!

We just updated our FOR SALE page to include some "buddy" pairings at discounted pricing.

We are offering PAINT ME FLASHY and her little sister IT'S ALL ABOUT ME together and also SHEA BAHA BURRO and her foal KICK THE HABIT together. Give them a look and feel free to call us for a visit!