Friday, December 17, 2010

Legend of the Cross

"Just A Little Donkey"
By: Rita S. Beer
Just a little donkey, but on my back I bore,
the one and only Savior, the world was waiting for.
Just a little donkey, but I was strong
& proud -
I gladly carried Mary through the
chaos of the crowd.
I brought her to a stable where she made a tiny bed...
A place for Baby Jesus to lay His little head.
I pray the world remembers that special Christmas night 

when just
a little donkey carried Heaven's Precious Light. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Parade Time!

If you will be in the College Grove, TN area this next Sunday 12/5 at 2pm, make sure to stop and watch the parade! You will see us and a few of our donkeys!

Then on Saturday, 12/11, we will be in the Leipers Fork Village for their annual parade! This parade also starts at 2pm.

If you are in the crowd, make sure to yell to us when you see us!

Also, we have updated our FOR SALE page, if you are looking for some great gifts, think donkeys!

Friday, October 8, 2010

PRODUCT(s) OF THE MONTH: Basic-H and Basic-G by Shaklee

I have been using these products practically my whole life. They were "green" decades before "green" was "cool".  I love them for all sorts of things around the farm and I don't worry about them harming our animals. 

If you would like to order some, just click on the link provided throughout the posting. You can feel safe ordering from the link - it's my parents! They will take good care of you! :)

Here are a few uses - as I remember or hear about more, I will add to the list:

Cuts & scrapes Apply Basic-H directly on the wound. This will stop infections and help heal.
Fly Spray 1 quart of  Basic-H 4 quarts water Spray where it is needed.
Fly Spray for fogger: 3 quarts linseed oil [use very light oil] 1 quart Basic-H 1 tbsp Basic-G where this is needed. This mixture will not harm your livestock.

Pet Baths
  • To kill ticks, fleas and mange add 3 pints Basic H and 6oz. Basic G to 50 gallons of water in large tub or kiddie pool and dip dog. DO NOT GET INTO EYES!
  • For regular washing 1/2 tsp Basic-H to one gallon water or apply full strength directly to wet fur and rub well to get into skin starting at top of head and ears and working toward the tail. Do not get into eyes.
  • For equine and tack wash with 1 to 2 tablespoon(s) Basic-H to 5 gallons of water, more if you are dealing with hard water and rinse. Reduces fly problem,won’t itch or take natural oils out of skin, keeps coat and tail clean without residue.
Skunk Odor Removal – 1 T. Basic H² in gallon of water
Equine skin fungi or mange, a bath with Basic-G works great!!!! Mix a couple of teaspoons into a gallon of water. Sponge on and leave on the skin for a few minutes, then rinse well. Wash all the brushes in the Basic-G too.

THRUSH: (My personal favorite use for Basic G) – during thrush “season”, use a 4 to 1 mixture of water & Basic G to spray on hooves each time you clean hooves out. Basic G is not as harsh as the more traditional use of bleach water. Other benefits, any overspray of Basic-G does not bleach out your clothes and it does not erode the squirter mechanism of the sprayer like bleach will.

Basic G is great at deep cleaning barns and stalls. Pour it into a “Ortho hose sprayer” and spray down your walls and floors.

Basic H works great in deterring spiders.

  • Basic-H with one gallon of water. Spray on the whole seedling & around the entire trunk. Apply once every ten days.
  • Trees - nursery stock Small seedlings or seed beds Mix 1 ounce of
  • Sick trees 3-4 feet tall Mix 1 quart of Basic- H with 8 quarts of water. Then, of this mixture, feed at the base of the tree one cup of solution twice a day for the first day, then once each day until the mixture is gone. Feedings are of mixed solution. Do this feeding three times a year.
  • Sick trees 4-8 feet tall Mix 1 quart Basic-H with 6 quarts of water. Feed at the base of the tree. Use 1 pint of the mixture twice a day for 2 days and 1 pint a day thereafter until the solution is gone. This must be done three times a year.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our junior Herdsire - PPHFarm's Assk Me No Questions (Q) is a daddy! x2!

PPHFarm's I'll TellYou No Lies
The last ten days have been quite the whirlwind! We did the usual waiting, and waiting for POKEY (real name is Lady Panther) to get on with the birth of her foal - we think she holds her legs together for days! We were especially exited as this was to be "Q"'s first foal!  This pairing did not disappoint!  On 9.21.10 a little after 5 in the morning, Pokey & Q had a compact beautiful little jack we appropriately named.... PPHFarm's I'll TellYou No Lies (we call him "T")!
PPHFarm's Boyhowdee
Imagine our surprise when Starr, who was not due until October 8th, goes in to labor this past Saturday and delivers practically a mirror image of "T" - this is "Q"s 2nd foal. Since all five foals born this year have been jack-boys, we feel that Starr & "Q"'s foals name is quite suitable to end our foaling year. Introducing PPHFarm's Boyhowdee!

Boyhowdee had to be bottle fed for the first few days as Starr didn't have enough milk to keep up with the meals. Today we think we are over the "hump" and mom and baby are doing great! (and we can get some sleep!)

The sweet disposition of the Windcrest Little Red Man lineage is passing on and I must say they we are very pleased with both these little ones!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PPHFarm's Duly Noted, born 9.2.10 -

Bill took this cute video of Noelle & Kings baby jack born on 9.2.10. Enjoy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Light Red Herdsire for sale - New Photo's!

Our junior herdsire, PPHFarm's Assk Me No Questions, is for sale. Enjoy a wonderful pedigree - including his grandsire, Little Red Man!

If you would like more information, give us a call at 615.807.3848

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy First Birthday to STEP ASSIDE GIRLS (aka "Boop")

Last year on my birthday, I had to cancel plans for a party because our jennet Mia was showing signs of labor. Sure enough, I got a birthday baby!

Her name still fits her to this day..... HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to our "Step Asside Girls" (I'm coming thru!)

2 Days Old

At the Bedford Show in July

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sing it with me..... "hot, hot, hot!" - at 1130am it was announced that the Heat Index was 105 degrees! But, the show had a GREAT turn-out and everyone made sure that we were all drinking lots of water and standing in the shade as much as possible. 

My sister, Melissa, came up from Florida to help show donkeys and our little neighbor, Sky,  did too!

Bill showed Rocky in several classes (I didn't get any flicks, too busy getting other donkeys ready - sorry honey!) and brought home some ribbons! YEAH DUDES! 

Here are some flicks - Enjoy!

Below, Diana & Tipper in their first Snigging contest. Tipper has only been in harness for a few weeks, so this was just for experience..... we came in last - but he did GREAT! I was tired!

Melissa exibited our weanling jennet, Step Asside Girls, in the weanling/yearling halter class.  This little girl was perfect, but didn't stand a chance in a class of 9 other donkeys - all over a year old and 6 of them were jacks.  She just hasnt matured enough!  That's ok, she was the only donkey that trotted for the judge without outside encouragement. :)

Sky exibited our beautiful sorrel jennet, Turnpike Creek Katie (who is 3 months pregnant) in Mature Jennets Halter. I don't know who enjoyed "showing off" more, Katie or Sky! They both did so well, and we thought Sky did "AWESOME" for her first experience in the show ring!  And, she brought home a ribbon too!

Melissa took Rocky in (along with Travis Henderson and his donkey, Dan) to the BEST MATCHED PAIR class and won second place. Can you tell the donkeys were "impressed"? HAHA!

The last class of the day was to be Mature Jacks and Geldings. The class was so large that the judge split the class up with Geldings going in to the ring first.  Melissa took Rocky and I decided to take Good Tipper in though we had not practiced halter work at all.  There were some beautiful boys in that class (including a son of our herdsire that is the spitting-image clone of him!) - so imagine my absolute surprise when the blue ribbon went to GOOD TIPPER! My jaw dropped and I had to look around to get confirmation that I had heard correctly! I am so proud of this young gelding!

Waiting to go in to the class.....

 And I just have to add a special "thanks sis" - this has been a great time and lots of flashbacks from when we were kids getting ready for shows.....

What a great day spending it with family and friends - two legged and four!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TDA's Newsblog

The Tennessee Donkey Association publishes an (almost) monthly newsletter/blog.  Take a peek at ALL EARS!

Celebration Mule and Donkey Show

Beginning tomorrow, Thursday July 8th thru Saturday July 10th, is the Celebration Mule and Donkey Show in Shelbyville, TN.  Since this is such a large show, farms from all over the country will be there.

PPHFarm is not showing any donkeys at this show however Diana and Bill will be helping another farm show their donkeys.

Come on out, we love cheerleaders!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Seems like the donkeys are handling this weather better than the humans on the farm..... today's heat index is 105 degrees.

Crazy, crazy!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Record cases of equine Botulism reported after recent floods in Tennessee

Please take a moment and educate yourself about the signs of equine Botulism. Though this disease is very rare, Tennessee is reporting record number of cases - most likely from the recent flooding.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rowdy running in the rain....

There was a small lull in the rain on Saturday afternoon (before all the gravel was washed from the baby lot) and the babes wanted to get a run in the rain.... Enjoy!



Video of our place 12 hours after the rain quit....

12 hours after the rains, water was still barreling down the hill - though not nearly with the gusto it had over the weekend. These videos don't tell that story, but will give you an idea.....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Middle Tennessee hit with record rainfall!

It has been a tretchorous and unnerving weekend here in Middle Tennessee! Many roads are closed due to flooding - including several area's of interstates. The cities of Franklin (we are 10 minutes away) and Gallatin have been extremely hard hit due to their close proximites to rivers.

Below is a video of a portable building from an area school floating down I-24 in Nashville yesterday. 

We will have some clean-up here at PPH, but so far no damage that we can't easily overcome. Our driveway is trashed with ruts averaging 12-14" deep and about the same width all over. We also lost one tree beside the house. But so far, no other problems and all people and animals are doing fine.

The weather is not over it is still pouring.... below are a few flicks I took this morning




Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Flicks of "Shooter"!

Just had to show off some flicks that show just how tiny this little guy is!  More pics are on his webpage too!

My thumb on his hoof!

Shooters little head in my hand

Saying hello to his "aunties"! (count the fence squares!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Texas has her foal on her due date!

Well this is a first! Texas was due on Monday with her very first foal. We have been watching her closely as signs can be subtle - maidens don't always follow the "rules.  Well, that is putting it lightly! No signs, zip, nadda!  I went down to the stalls at 840pm last night to do a final tidying up - and as soon as she saw me, Texas laid down and started pushing! A few minutes later, the smallest foal we have had at PPHFarm was out and taking in the world!  Texas is a great mom!

Here is a teaser picture that I took at 4am. We are having rain today so pictures for our web site probably are a few days out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Remember the TV ad, "WeAdaBabeeEatsABoy"?

Well..... Precious made us crazy with the white milk, not white, white again and finally 6 days later....... He is here!

The little guy is un named at this time, but wanted to get a picture out.  He weighed 20 pounds and is 22-1/4" tall.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Precious Update

Can you see the egg on my face?  HAHA! Still no baby outta Precious.  False alarm ...... but keep watching!  Full Moon is April 28th and it is the PINK Moon this month! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

FOAL WATCH! - Precious to foal first!

Precious Penelope Poole (PPP) has decided to take the lead and is on foal watch today. As of  630am today Precious had 2%+ milk.  The baby is not in position yet so I think we may still 24 hours or so - but who knows! Mother Nature has her plans!

If you would like to keep watch, go to:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Barn Cams - foal time getting closer! - and new feature.... Twitter!

Well, the barn cam is back up and running!  We have 2 jennets due this spring - Little Texas (maiden jennet) and Precious (foaled Tennessee Tornado last spring).

Texas has had lots of time logged in the "momma-to-be" suite - as she got to be several jennets "buddy" last year during the 2009 foalings.  But this is her first time thru it as a momma-to-be.   She is a sweet girl and everything seems to be moving along on schedule. Texas is due on April 26th and King is the sire.

Precious is due on May 5th and King is the sire. She looks like she could spit this baby out early, but she was the same way last year. Time will tell!

New feature:  we are now on Twitter!  If you want to recieve the most up-to-date info on our foalings, sign up to receive "tweets".  To sign up: click here to join our Twitter page. There is even an option to receive updates via text on your cell phone.

Welcome to our barn - click to "come on in"!

Friday, March 12, 2010

EDUCATIONAL: Placenta Previa aka "Red Bag" Foaling

It's nearly spring-time and farms are birthing out foals everywhere (PPHFarm has two foals due this spring)! From time to time we find a good article or video that really teaches us and helps better prepare us for the "out of the ordinary" situation.

Let me give a little background on RED BAG FOALING before watching the video: As its name implies, a red bag appears at the jennet/mare starts into active labor. Of course we are expecting a white bubble. Instead, the placenta has detached from the uterus prematurely. Without the placenta attached to the uterus, the foal has no source of oxygen. This is a critical situation for the foal. There is no time to wait. It is imperative that the placenta be broken when it protrudes from the vulva and the foal is given assistance to be born immediately. Oxygen deprivation occurs in a very few minutes and unless the vet happened to be driving up your driveway, there probably isn't any use making a call if you want to have any chance of saving the life of the foal.

The people in the video did it right (including the praying) 

Here are some notes to hold on to if you are ever have a Red Bag foaling:
  1. Break the placenta with your hand. The water will probably gush out. 
  2. Chances are that the foal is in normal position just behind the placenta, either tear the amniotic sac or hold onto the foal's legs and assist with the extraction of the foal from the mare.
  3. The foal needs to breath very soon! If the foal does not start breathing on it's own when it is born, straighten out its head /neck to make an air way and give the foal mouth to NOSE breathing. If you are successful getting air to the lungs, you should be able to see the foal's chest rise with each breath.
A big thanks to Painted Sun Miniature Horses for putting this video out on the interenet to help others!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chicken Tender

This weekend we aquired 4 laying hens for fresh eggs.  Our labrador retriever, Jake, has been protecting them ever since they were placed in the coop.  Jake has no intentions of harming them - just making sure that they are okay.  Too cute..... he is our "Chicken Tender"!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tennessee Donkey ASSociation Officers Elected 2010

Elections for the TDA Officers for 2010 were elected this past Saturday at the TDA's Annual Meeting. (Officers are pictured below) As the new President for 2010 I plan on focussing on lots of fun and education! If you are not currently a member of TDA - visit our TDA Website. You can also find us on Facebook!

New Officers elected for 2010: (L to R) Katrina Fleener TDA-Vice President; Teresa Puckett – Reporter & Show Awards Committee;
Dayle Haworth – Show Awards Committee; Maria Randall – Middle TN Vice President; Lydia Spears – Treasurer;
Diana Poole – President; Shirley Price – East TN Vice President; Kay Allen – Show Awards Committee

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow, did it snow!

Been an interesting last few days....

On Friday, Bill took three hours to get home in what would normally be a 20 minute drive  and just as he got to our little road he slid his truck in to the ditch. Neither he or the truck were hurt - but here it is Sunday night and no one is leaving our little valley still.  It is very, very slick and slippery and very dangerous on our hills and road. 

We had just shy of 8" of snow by 9pm on Friday and guess what - it started raining! By the time we got up Saturday morning, we had almost 2" of ice on top of the snow. Wild, I tell ya! Just wild! LOL!

Today was a beautiful day to be stuck on the farm! Just a gorgeous day! All the animals - 2-legged and 4 - had the solar panels flaired for maximum exposure!  Below are some flicks I took today...



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Memories of Squeeky 1978?-2010

(taken 2009)

For the first time ever at Poole's Paradise Hill Farm, we wake up and look out the windows and we don't see Squeeky.....

Back in 1999, we had just bought our property and got a call from a friend. She was helping someone in Rutherford County find a home for some abandoned donkeys (they had lived wild for at least 18 months) and we agreed to take them in. Squeeky was one of them.  We weren't told ahead of time of her physical maladies - it didn't matter, one look in her eyes, Squeeky KNEW she had sucked us in! 

Squeeky quickly became Bill's "girl".  It all started with a Ham sandwich....with spicy mustard!  We were out at the farm one weekend clearing more land (for our house site) and taking a lunch break.  Bill didn't notice that he had something sneaking up behind him. But, he did...  Squeeky put her head over Bill's shoulder and stole his sandwich right out of his hand!  Ate it all, and then begged for more.  That was it for Bill!  His "Girl"!

Always a hit during farm visits, Squeeky loved people and we loved to tell her story.  Children were especially impressed how well she did getting around with only 3 good legs (and in the last year or so, just two, some days.) But, this past year was just too much for her and with all she had going against her- and her age - (the vet estimated her to be between 30-33 years old)  yesterday she asked us to let go....

Squeeky is running like the wind in the greenest of pastures, braying and kicking her heels with glee. In pain no more.

Thank you ol' gal for starting it all!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now that the hectic and wonderful days of Christmas and New Years have settled down a bit, Bill and I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY 2010! We hope that this year brings you all your wants and dreams.

Over the holiday we had three of our grandchildren visit us at the farm  for the first time (we have traveled to them for the last few years) and I have to say - they are donkey magnets! I have attached a couple of "brag" pictures.