Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow, did it snow!

Been an interesting last few days....

On Friday, Bill took three hours to get home in what would normally be a 20 minute drive  and just as he got to our little road he slid his truck in to the ditch. Neither he or the truck were hurt - but here it is Sunday night and no one is leaving our little valley still.  It is very, very slick and slippery and very dangerous on our hills and road. 

We had just shy of 8" of snow by 9pm on Friday and guess what - it started raining! By the time we got up Saturday morning, we had almost 2" of ice on top of the snow. Wild, I tell ya! Just wild! LOL!

Today was a beautiful day to be stuck on the farm! Just a gorgeous day! All the animals - 2-legged and 4 - had the solar panels flaired for maximum exposure!  Below are some flicks I took today...



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Memories of Squeeky 1978?-2010

(taken 2009)

For the first time ever at Poole's Paradise Hill Farm, we wake up and look out the windows and we don't see Squeeky.....

Back in 1999, we had just bought our property and got a call from a friend. She was helping someone in Rutherford County find a home for some abandoned donkeys (they had lived wild for at least 18 months) and we agreed to take them in. Squeeky was one of them.  We weren't told ahead of time of her physical maladies - it didn't matter, one look in her eyes, Squeeky KNEW she had sucked us in! 

Squeeky quickly became Bill's "girl".  It all started with a Ham sandwich....with spicy mustard!  We were out at the farm one weekend clearing more land (for our house site) and taking a lunch break.  Bill didn't notice that he had something sneaking up behind him. But, he did...  Squeeky put her head over Bill's shoulder and stole his sandwich right out of his hand!  Ate it all, and then begged for more.  That was it for Bill!  His "Girl"!

Always a hit during farm visits, Squeeky loved people and we loved to tell her story.  Children were especially impressed how well she did getting around with only 3 good legs (and in the last year or so, just two, some days.) But, this past year was just too much for her and with all she had going against her- and her age - (the vet estimated her to be between 30-33 years old)  yesterday she asked us to let go....

Squeeky is running like the wind in the greenest of pastures, braying and kicking her heels with glee. In pain no more.

Thank you ol' gal for starting it all!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now that the hectic and wonderful days of Christmas and New Years have settled down a bit, Bill and I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY 2010! We hope that this year brings you all your wants and dreams.

Over the holiday we had three of our grandchildren visit us at the farm  for the first time (we have traveled to them for the last few years) and I have to say - they are donkey magnets! I have attached a couple of "brag" pictures.