Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Barn Cams - foal time getting closer! - and new feature.... Twitter!

Well, the barn cam is back up and running!  We have 2 jennets due this spring - Little Texas (maiden jennet) and Precious (foaled Tennessee Tornado last spring).

Texas has had lots of time logged in the "momma-to-be" suite - as she got to be several jennets "buddy" last year during the 2009 foalings.  But this is her first time thru it as a momma-to-be.   She is a sweet girl and everything seems to be moving along on schedule. Texas is due on April 26th and King is the sire.

Precious is due on May 5th and King is the sire. She looks like she could spit this baby out early, but she was the same way last year. Time will tell!

New feature:  we are now on Twitter!  If you want to recieve the most up-to-date info on our foalings, sign up to receive "tweets".  To sign up: click here to join our Twitter page. There is even an option to receive updates via text on your cell phone.

Welcome to our barn - click to "come on in"!

Friday, March 12, 2010

EDUCATIONAL: Placenta Previa aka "Red Bag" Foaling

It's nearly spring-time and farms are birthing out foals everywhere (PPHFarm has two foals due this spring)! From time to time we find a good article or video that really teaches us and helps better prepare us for the "out of the ordinary" situation.

Let me give a little background on RED BAG FOALING before watching the video: As its name implies, a red bag appears at the jennet/mare starts into active labor. Of course we are expecting a white bubble. Instead, the placenta has detached from the uterus prematurely. Without the placenta attached to the uterus, the foal has no source of oxygen. This is a critical situation for the foal. There is no time to wait. It is imperative that the placenta be broken when it protrudes from the vulva and the foal is given assistance to be born immediately. Oxygen deprivation occurs in a very few minutes and unless the vet happened to be driving up your driveway, there probably isn't any use making a call if you want to have any chance of saving the life of the foal.

The people in the video did it right (including the praying) 

Here are some notes to hold on to if you are ever have a Red Bag foaling:
  1. Break the placenta with your hand. The water will probably gush out. 
  2. Chances are that the foal is in normal position just behind the placenta, either tear the amniotic sac or hold onto the foal's legs and assist with the extraction of the foal from the mare.
  3. The foal needs to breath very soon! If the foal does not start breathing on it's own when it is born, straighten out its head /neck to make an air way and give the foal mouth to NOSE breathing. If you are successful getting air to the lungs, you should be able to see the foal's chest rise with each breath.
A big thanks to Painted Sun Miniature Horses for putting this video out on the interenet to help others!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chicken Tender

This weekend we aquired 4 laying hens for fresh eggs.  Our labrador retriever, Jake, has been protecting them ever since they were placed in the coop.  Jake has no intentions of harming them - just making sure that they are okay.  Too cute..... he is our "Chicken Tender"!