Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sing it with me..... "hot, hot, hot!" - at 1130am it was announced that the Heat Index was 105 degrees! But, the show had a GREAT turn-out and everyone made sure that we were all drinking lots of water and standing in the shade as much as possible. 

My sister, Melissa, came up from Florida to help show donkeys and our little neighbor, Sky,  did too!

Bill showed Rocky in several classes (I didn't get any flicks, too busy getting other donkeys ready - sorry honey!) and brought home some ribbons! YEAH DUDES! 

Here are some flicks - Enjoy!

Below, Diana & Tipper in their first Snigging contest. Tipper has only been in harness for a few weeks, so this was just for experience..... we came in last - but he did GREAT! I was tired!

Melissa exibited our weanling jennet, Step Asside Girls, in the weanling/yearling halter class.  This little girl was perfect, but didn't stand a chance in a class of 9 other donkeys - all over a year old and 6 of them were jacks.  She just hasnt matured enough!  That's ok, she was the only donkey that trotted for the judge without outside encouragement. :)

Sky exibited our beautiful sorrel jennet, Turnpike Creek Katie (who is 3 months pregnant) in Mature Jennets Halter. I don't know who enjoyed "showing off" more, Katie or Sky! They both did so well, and we thought Sky did "AWESOME" for her first experience in the show ring!  And, she brought home a ribbon too!

Melissa took Rocky in (along with Travis Henderson and his donkey, Dan) to the BEST MATCHED PAIR class and won second place. Can you tell the donkeys were "impressed"? HAHA!

The last class of the day was to be Mature Jacks and Geldings. The class was so large that the judge split the class up with Geldings going in to the ring first.  Melissa took Rocky and I decided to take Good Tipper in though we had not practiced halter work at all.  There were some beautiful boys in that class (including a son of our herdsire that is the spitting-image clone of him!) - so imagine my absolute surprise when the blue ribbon went to GOOD TIPPER! My jaw dropped and I had to look around to get confirmation that I had heard correctly! I am so proud of this young gelding!

Waiting to go in to the class.....

 And I just have to add a special "thanks sis" - this has been a great time and lots of flashbacks from when we were kids getting ready for shows.....

What a great day spending it with family and friends - two legged and four!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TDA's Newsblog

The Tennessee Donkey Association publishes an (almost) monthly newsletter/blog.  Take a peek at ALL EARS!

Celebration Mule and Donkey Show

Beginning tomorrow, Thursday July 8th thru Saturday July 10th, is the Celebration Mule and Donkey Show in Shelbyville, TN.  Since this is such a large show, farms from all over the country will be there.

PPHFarm is not showing any donkeys at this show however Diana and Bill will be helping another farm show their donkeys.

Come on out, we love cheerleaders!