Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our junior Herdsire - PPHFarm's Assk Me No Questions (Q) is a daddy! x2!

PPHFarm's I'll TellYou No Lies
The last ten days have been quite the whirlwind! We did the usual waiting, and waiting for POKEY (real name is Lady Panther) to get on with the birth of her foal - we think she holds her legs together for days! We were especially exited as this was to be "Q"'s first foal!  This pairing did not disappoint!  On 9.21.10 a little after 5 in the morning, Pokey & Q had a compact beautiful little jack we appropriately named.... PPHFarm's I'll TellYou No Lies (we call him "T")!
PPHFarm's Boyhowdee
Imagine our surprise when Starr, who was not due until October 8th, goes in to labor this past Saturday and delivers practically a mirror image of "T" - this is "Q"s 2nd foal. Since all five foals born this year have been jack-boys, we feel that Starr & "Q"'s foals name is quite suitable to end our foaling year. Introducing PPHFarm's Boyhowdee!

Boyhowdee had to be bottle fed for the first few days as Starr didn't have enough milk to keep up with the meals. Today we think we are over the "hump" and mom and baby are doing great! (and we can get some sleep!)

The sweet disposition of the Windcrest Little Red Man lineage is passing on and I must say they we are very pleased with both these little ones!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PPHFarm's Duly Noted, born 9.2.10 -

Bill took this cute video of Noelle & Kings baby jack born on 9.2.10. Enjoy!