Friday, October 8, 2010

PRODUCT(s) OF THE MONTH: Basic-H and Basic-G by Shaklee

I have been using these products practically my whole life. They were "green" decades before "green" was "cool".  I love them for all sorts of things around the farm and I don't worry about them harming our animals. 

If you would like to order some, just click on the link provided throughout the posting. You can feel safe ordering from the link - it's my parents! They will take good care of you! :)

Here are a few uses - as I remember or hear about more, I will add to the list:

Cuts & scrapes Apply Basic-H directly on the wound. This will stop infections and help heal.
Fly Spray 1 quart of  Basic-H 4 quarts water Spray where it is needed.
Fly Spray for fogger: 3 quarts linseed oil [use very light oil] 1 quart Basic-H 1 tbsp Basic-G where this is needed. This mixture will not harm your livestock.

Pet Baths
  • To kill ticks, fleas and mange add 3 pints Basic H and 6oz. Basic G to 50 gallons of water in large tub or kiddie pool and dip dog. DO NOT GET INTO EYES!
  • For regular washing 1/2 tsp Basic-H to one gallon water or apply full strength directly to wet fur and rub well to get into skin starting at top of head and ears and working toward the tail. Do not get into eyes.
  • For equine and tack wash with 1 to 2 tablespoon(s) Basic-H to 5 gallons of water, more if you are dealing with hard water and rinse. Reduces fly problem,won’t itch or take natural oils out of skin, keeps coat and tail clean without residue.
Skunk Odor Removal – 1 T. Basic H² in gallon of water
Equine skin fungi or mange, a bath with Basic-G works great!!!! Mix a couple of teaspoons into a gallon of water. Sponge on and leave on the skin for a few minutes, then rinse well. Wash all the brushes in the Basic-G too.

THRUSH: (My personal favorite use for Basic G) – during thrush “season”, use a 4 to 1 mixture of water & Basic G to spray on hooves each time you clean hooves out. Basic G is not as harsh as the more traditional use of bleach water. Other benefits, any overspray of Basic-G does not bleach out your clothes and it does not erode the squirter mechanism of the sprayer like bleach will.

Basic G is great at deep cleaning barns and stalls. Pour it into a “Ortho hose sprayer” and spray down your walls and floors.

Basic H works great in deterring spiders.

  • Basic-H with one gallon of water. Spray on the whole seedling & around the entire trunk. Apply once every ten days.
  • Trees - nursery stock Small seedlings or seed beds Mix 1 ounce of
  • Sick trees 3-4 feet tall Mix 1 quart of Basic- H with 8 quarts of water. Then, of this mixture, feed at the base of the tree one cup of solution twice a day for the first day, then once each day until the mixture is gone. Feedings are of mixed solution. Do this feeding three times a year.
  • Sick trees 4-8 feet tall Mix 1 quart Basic-H with 6 quarts of water. Feed at the base of the tree. Use 1 pint of the mixture twice a day for 2 days and 1 pint a day thereafter until the solution is gone. This must be done three times a year.


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