Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Asses report for Friday, April 1st


Hello All from Poole's Paradise Hill Farm! Todays Happy Asses Report will be full detail of each Ass from left to right....
  1. "Linzi Beth" (Windcrest Linzi) is a light red jenny that is due on May 15th.  As you can tell from the photo, Linzi is a well-seasoned momma-to-be, she knows how to get the "slender" look for photo's by moving that back leg up towards her shoulder.
  2. "Pweshus" (WhyNameIt's Precious) is a 6 year old jenny, who is not with child at this time. I have her in this paddock for a few days to keep an eye on her niece, Boop (read below).
  3. "Boop" (PPHFarm's Step Asside Girls) is our 18 month old little rotten, teenager jennet. She is going to charm & etiquette school right now, so we have to keep her close to the barn so she will get up in time to make the bus. 
  4. "Destiny" (LUA John's Destiny) .....what can I say? She is a wide-load for sure! Destiny is due on May 10th. She has a very active foal and can be seen getting knocked off-balance when she is walking. Let's everybody give her a  great big "Bless Your Heart!"
  5. "Katie-bug" (Turnpike Creek Katie) is the other half of the bookend buddies. She and Linzi Beth are BFF's and look like book-ends.  Katie is due on May 28th.
Stay tuned for the next installment..... however, if you catch something on the cam to post about, gimme an email "ring at  I will make sure to include it!

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